Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ellipsis Photo Shoot: Spring Blossoms and Flowers

This week's Ellipsis Photo Shoot has to do with spring blossoms and flowers. Carly wants to see what's blooming now in our neighborhoods, so I got out today to see what I could find. I was especially looking for wildflowers. I wasn't particularly impressed with the selection or with the results. About the best thing that came out were these photos of a few roadside daisies.




Carly said...

Hi Duane

I love those little daisies. All of them seem none the worse for wear considering the severe weather you had recently! Hardy little flowers, and so cheerful! Daisies always make me smile!

:) Carly

Jama said...

I love them, so pretty!

jr cline said...

Daisies are one of my spring favorites. I mow around them in the lawn as long as they are blooming.