Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ellipsis Photo Shoot: Animals

My online friend Carly does a little photo shoot thing on her blog. She gives you a topic and you show off some photos.  It's free and anyone can play along, which I like to do when I have a photo or two handy to fit the topic.  She comes up with a new topic every Monday.  This week's topic is animals, preferably something wild and exotic.

A Winter Scene

I captured this landscape/action photo after a snow storm last winter.


The Hypnotoad. This was a late night visitor at a previous address, circa 2009.

For extra credit, Carly wants to see some pets.

Dixie and Scappy

Dixie and Scappy. Dixie is the black and white. Scrappy is the brown. These are daughter Dani's dogs.


Mason. Son Chris's dog. My son also has a dog named Dixon.


Carly said...

Hi Duane :)

LOVE the awesome frog! :) He's a cutie! The pups are wonderful, especially the little dog at the bottom. He has some soulful eyes that just seem to say, "Pet me please." :) Makes me smile. :)

Welcome back btw! Good to see you back on the net! I will stop by your blog again later today to see what's been up in your absence!


jr cline said...

The toad is great!
Cute puppies too.