Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ellipsis Photo Shoot: Houses of Worship

Here are a couple of photos I held back from Friday's snowy photo excursion so that they would be fresh for this week's edition of Carly's Ellipsis Photo Shoot. The topic this week is Houses of Worship...
The art of Architecture fascinates me, and some of the most beautiful examples of that art seem to be HOUSES OF WORSHIP. So, for this week's assignment, please show me the HOUSES OF WORSHIP in your area. From simple country churches, to big city cathedrals, to mosques, or temples ... it's all good. And yes, feel free to show me an archived photo this week, but please make sure it's one you haven't previously displayed in at least 6 months or so.

Extra Credit: Show me a Stained Glass Window.
I don't think the architecture of this particular church is what Carly was looking for. It's actually quite plain and that breezeway off to the left connects to an ugly, generic, gymnasium-type building that I couldn't bring myself to include in the picture. There are many more architecturally interesting churches around the area, but, sadly, this was the only one along my route Friday.

I got the extra credit.  You can see more detail of the stained glass window by clicking the photos and going large.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

A Winter Storm Slideshow

This afternoon I went on a long photo excursion/hike to see what Mother Nature unleashed here in the Chattanooga area (actually just south of the border around Rossville, Georgia). This slideshow is what I came up with.

To take it one photo at a time, visit the Picasa web album.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ellipsis Photo Shoot: The Best of 2009

At Ellipsis, Carly wants to see a gallery of our best 2009 photos...
New Year's is upon us, so, let's take a look back at what we all did this last year, as far as our photography went. This week's photo shoot assignment is to create a gallery of your best photography from 2009. Best in this case doesn't necessarily mean the photos you thought were perfect, best can also mean the ones you simply enjoyed taking the most. How you choose the photos for your gallery is completely up to you. You can choose a special gallery, such as florals, or landscapes, or maybe you will choose to highlight your best portraits. It's all up to you, but the photos you choose MUST be from 2009, and of course, your photos can be previously published.

EXTRA CREDIT: Caption the photos you choose for your gallery.

I got my Nikon D40, my first digital SLR camera, back in late January 2009. I've tried to spend the past year learning how to use it. I'm still learning, but here's a Picasa Web Album charting my progress.  I've posted most of these before, but a few are new.  Click the picture below to enter my 2009 gallery.