Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ellipsis Photo Shoot: Cemeteries

My access to the Internet lately has been a little haphazard at best so I haven't been able to post here much in the last couple of months. I also haven't been able to participate in Carly's weekly photo shoots either, but I thought I'd give this one a try. This week's topic is Cemeteries...

CEMETERIES... Creepy? Or Peaceful? John Scalzi posed this question back when he was the host of the Monday Photo Shoot, and I thought this might be a good time to revisit the subject! By the way, CEMETERIES doesn't have to be limited to what traditionally comes to mind when we think of this subject, an auto wrecking yard might also be considered a CEMETERY. Use your imagination with this one.

She's referring back to the old AOL Journals days (my first foray into the exciting world of blogging). John Scalzi was our esteemed webmaster at the time. And I think this might have been the photo I submitted when the topic came up back then...

Yes, that weird collection of rocks sticking up out of the ground is actually a cemetery. It's the Dyer family cemetery, located in the Chickamauga Battlefield. The cemetery predates the Civil War and if there was ever any writing on the headstones it's long since faded away.

These other two photos (of a much more recent vintage) are not technically pictures of cemeteries, but headstones at the cemetery where my father- and mother-in-law are buried. I'm sure that there is a compelling story behind this one...

This might be the grave of General Andrew Jackson, but it's not the grave of the Andrew Jackson. The famous one is buried at his estate, The Hermitage, in Nashville, Tennessee, not on Sand Mountain in Alabama, where this photo was taken.

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