Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chattanooga Public Art

This is "Pathos Sweet Lost and Found" by J. Aaron Alderman of Brevard, North Carolina. It's located in downtown Chattanooga near the Market Street Bridge.

"Pathos Sweet Lost and Found"

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Round Robin Photo Challenge: Light Moves

Oops! I was excited about finally being able to participate in a Round Robin Photo Challenge again. And it was an easy subject: Light Moves -- Take a picture that shows the quality of the light. By that I mean the hues of a sunset, water reflected on water, refracted light, something interesting with light. What could be easier? After all, photography is just using aperture and shutter speed to harness, control or manipulate light. Any interesting photo should have something to say about the quality of light.

But I digest. I was excited, but you're supposed to post your photo(s) for the Round Robin Photo Challenge on a certain day. I was thinking it was Sunday, but no, it was supposed to be posted before Sunday. Sorry, but in the spirit that it's still Saturday somewhere, here's my entry. Don't laugh, it's the first time in many, many years that I've had a camera that was capable of some night photography...

Light Streaks

Light Streaks 2

This is a couple of shots taken from Missionary Ridge. You can see I-24 to the left as it curves up through the gap in the ridge. Chattanooga comprises most of the other lights you see. Lookout Mountain can be detected in the background.

This is a more realistic shot -- maybe a little darker than how it really looked...

Passing Through Chattanooga at Night

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lookout Mountain -- A Picasa Web Album

A new Picasa Web Album, Lookout Mountain...

Lookout Mountain

Also added a couple of new photos to my Chickamauga Battlefield album.

Ellipsis Photo Shoot: RED

Now that I've finally got a new camera and am a photographer again, I'm able to participate in Carly's weekly photo shoots at Ellipsis again. This week's topic is red. I've mulled it over and this advertisement for Coca-Cola is all I've got for now, but I'll think about it some more...

Bottles and Cans

This is the red part of my beverage bottle and can collection. This is about a third of the complete collection. It started out as a Coke collection, but has grown into a collection of assorted beverages. It's nothing fancy, mostly just items I've picked up at the local convenience store. I look for "special" items and put them up instead of just drinking them like most people.

Coca-Cola has the market on red in the beverage industry. On the back row are bottles and cans from the Beijing Olympics. There are five cans and nine bottles each featuring a different country. In the front row on both sides are assorted Coke Christmas bottles and cans. In the middle is a set of Coke Olympics nesting "cans" and a couple of Olympics pins.

Also up there somewhere are some NASCAR tie-ins, two Coke mugs and pill boxes, two Budweiser items (a bottle and a can) and a Mountain Dew. Oh, and a tomahawk. It's a homemade (in someone else's home) Braves tomahawk. I put it up there because it had a red A on the ax part, then absent-mindedly covered that part of it up. All you can see is the curved brown handle.

The oldest item is a Coke TVA 50th anniversary bottle from 1983. The only empty item is a Mexican Coke bottle. I occasionally buy a Mexican Coke from the local bodega, but haven't saved a full bottle yet. They're made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup and taste quite different from an American Coke.